Call mobile test case inside web test case

Hello, I have a problem in performing web and mobile testing combination in Katalon.
I have 2 test cases:

Test case A -> Open a web page and click on the "Send OTP" button.
Test case B -> Retrieve the OTP sent to the Android device's messaging app.

What I’m trying to do is as follows:

I will access the web page using a PC browser.
On the web page, I will click on a button that will send an OTP to the messaging app on my Android device.
I will then enter the OTP received on the Android device back into the web page I accessed.

The problem is that I access the web page by running the test case in the browser, while to retrieve the OTP from the Android device, I need to run the test case on the device itself. This results in the error message “The mobile device is missing. Please select the mobile device to be executed and try again” because I’m running it through Test Case A (which runs in the browser).

Is this possible? Is there a solution to help me?
Thank you.


Is your web able to run on mobile? I think it will be easier if you try to test web-based application in mobile emulator.

Hi Elly, thanks for the reply

Yes, my web application can be accessed through a mobile device. However, that doesn’t align with the requirements that have been specified, so I’m trying to perform the mentioned test case. Are there any potential solutions that come to mind?

@Willis_Williandy Can you check the solution said here OTP use cases | Katalon Docs


This doesn’t directly answer your question, and it may not suit how you wish to arrange your test cases and test suites…but have you considered arranging your tests in a Test Suite Collection as a workaround?

For example, you could have your ‘Open Web’ Test Case in an ‘Open Web’ Test Suite, and have your ‘Get OTP from Mobile’ Test Case in a ‘Get OTP from Mobile’ Test Suite, then place both Test Suites in a Test Suite Collection with appropriate ‘Run With’ and ‘Run Configuration’ values so as to run the ‘Open Web’ Test Suite in a desktop browser (e.g. Chrome) and then run ‘Get OTP from Mobile’ Test Suite against a specific Android device, for example?

This is what I’ve done in the past in a similar scenario to yours (though I’d also like a facility to call a mobile test case from a web test case, and vice-versa).

Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply
Yup, for now I’m using this approach, where the challenge lies in matching the timing of OTP delivery from the mobile and OTP input on the web. However, the set timing may be off if there are connection issues or server load.

Yes I’ve faced similar timing challenges myself previously.

Whilst the OTP Use Cases Katalon Docs page linked to above are useful in terms of how to extract OTPs themselves, these help docs do not address the mechanics of the need to use multiple platforms to process OTPs - hopefully Katalon can address this at some point!