Build a Custom QA Solution with Katalon?

Hey Guys!

I hope I don’t have false hope here…

I am hoping and praying I will be able to build a custom QA solution with Katalon. I work for an email marketing agency and I am seeking a better way to QA our emails. For now we have a program for render testing but I am seeking a way to test the links as in if I could copy and paste what the link in the email is and check it against what the link should be.

I am also seeking a way to test the dynamic content by way of putting in different attributes. It would also be great if I could have the program help create test cases based on the data and attributes provided.

Am I in luck here?

Yes. 99.99% of anything that runs in a web browser can be tested. And even some other things too, with extra libs/plugins.

But I sincerely hope you’re not working for an industrial spamming org. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say Katalon is a good tool for doing email testing. You would need a URL ( The same url can be used that we see on a marketing email saying “Open this email in Browser” ). After opening that URL in your test case you can do validations like

  • Click on a Image on email and see if the User is landing on correct webpage ( This can be validated in terms of Validating URL’s , Validating elements on the landed page, validating text on the email ).
  • Test if URL is having correct structure, id’s ( for email marketing systems to track clicks )
  • See the load time
  • Test user journey after clicking link on email.

As you might know Katalon built in recorder can help you creating test cases so that would be easy.

  • You can also manipulate URL within the test case then open it to validate the dynamic content.

One thing which you cannot automate easily using Katalon is opening Outlook app / Email app on your desktop and then opening Email to validations. ( Katalon doesn’t officially support desktop automation ).

But there is a plugin that was shared by Katalon team which enables you to open a gmail account in browser and open email. That plugin can be found at

Hi Manpreet!
Thank you for replying! What is the “recorder”? How can I get more information?


Katalon Studio has a built-in recorder, that enables you to do similar kind of thing what Selenium IDE does. You perform a scenario on the web page and the recorder will capture objects and generate a script for you.

But in the real world scenario, this recorder is helpful but you would need to change some code in the generated script. Recorded scripts not always work every time. It’s not a Katalon issue, every record and playback tool do the same.

There is a good introduction from Katalon on the recorder utility