Blank variable value is sent as '/' in the API request

  • Katalon Studio Version:7.9.1
  • OS Version:Windows 10
  • Browser Version:NA

Steps to Reproduce:

1.Send a API request with a blank variable
E.g: https://Servername/api/sample endpoint/${VarA}

VarA is read from excel.

Expected behavior:
VarA is blank.
Response status code is 404

Actual behavior:
https://Servername/api/sample endpoint//VarA” ------->this request is passed
‘/’ is added along with ‘VarA’ by Katalon while passing the request .
Response status code is 400.

This is happening to all the test cases when a blank value is passed through the request for a variable.

Also please note that output is inconsistent when the tests are run locally and through Jenkins.

Suppose if local results say - 400 , Jenkins responds back with 404.

Please Help!