Bitbucket pipelines Integration

Hi Team,

I’m got my Katalon project running through Bitbucket pipelines,
I need to pass a system parameter, Have you done this before?
As my project is not a maven project, in which I used to receive a parameter in the pom.xml
I configured my parameter thought the pipeline, but it is coming null when the app is running.
Do you have any idea how to implement it?

Thanks for your time

Please see a sample here

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Thanks for you time I will apply it as an example!

Hi @devalex88,
Yeah it is the first example I’ve applied. But my post is specific when I use a plugin to download AWS jars,
How do you configure the pipeline to said Katalon you need to run the cmd * bash ./gradlew katalonCopyDependencies
Thanks for your help, I’m still waiting for the answer that post.