Bearer Token not generated

I am newbie. Upgraded from postman to Katalon. Used same headers and credentials.
Still unable to generate access token. Any idea what when wrong in here. any setting to be done at Katalon ?

Body as:

using Headers as:

Hi @gsp,
Can you share the Katalon request file (.rs file) together with Postman collection file?

Hi @huynguyen Have uploaded the required data to debug hope it help. Unable to do so due to security reasons. Let me know if that suits, postman file have variables used which updated in Katolon file and used directly
Samplepostmandbody_fortestonlysamplebody.txt (805 Bytes) TokenPostRequestKaton.txt (3.4 KB)

@gsp without access to your postman collection and env files it is hard to say how do you actually get the token.
I suppose when you do it in postman, those env/global variables used into the body are somehow populated (by a previous request or by the ‘pre’ script)

Please look into your postman collection at the ‘Pre-request’ script for the request in subject … any code there?

Note that, when you import the requests in Katalon, the Pre and Test script are not imported … because katalon cannot interpret JS+Postman snippets directly, so you will have to adapt them to groovy/java (use a test-case for this)

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Hi @bionel, Thanks for you thoughts, Initially i did imported, and seeing that not working i manually created this token request. Able to generate token.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Let me know if i can create variables that can be used like for URL and unique values ?

  1. Save values in variable
  2. Response time Test