API token setup help / Global Variable

I’m trying to move API tests from POSTMAN to Katalon but I been really getting frustrated due to Katalon setup and my own lack of knowledge.

I’m hoping someone can guide me thru these issues I’m having.

  1. I’m trying to setup the url as global, but have no luck. i followed some of the instructions written here… but that isn’t working.

  2. Second thing is, I need to setup my token as global so it applies to all the tests in http header… but i get my token by logging in with a POST method. It expires in 1-day. I saw some posts about how to do it, but it’s very vague.


The endpoint should be:


Oh crap, how did i not notice that typo… that is silly. I thought something was broken in Katalon as the pop-up error message is strange.

Thanks, But my biggest blocker is getting the token with that POST method and then fetching it and applying it globally for all other API requests/tests to be run after. Any input on that?