BDD testing and retry failed scenario

I use Katalon with BDD and I’m trying to figure out how to retry failed scenario :

  • As described in BDD feature file documentation, I have a feature file contaning several scenarios (for instance here : 3 scenario)
  • As described in Create BDD test case in documentation, I have created a test case using a Cucumber keyword to run this feature file (for instance here : CucumberKW.runFeatureFile('Include/features/myFeature.feature')
  • This Test Case is included in a Test Suite
  • As described in Test suite configuration documentation, I setup my Test Suite with “1 retry after executing all” and “retry failed executions only”

My issue is : if only 1 of the 3 scenario in my feature file fails, the retry rerun the 3 scenarios and not only the failed one. What can I do to retry only failed scenario ?

I guess I could create 1 TC for each scenario, but I have more than 250 scenarios, and it would be a shame to have to duplicate them

Thank you for your help

I am not really experienced with BDD testing in Katalon Studio.

As far as I am aware, Katalon Studio has never commited that it can retry only failed Cucumber scenario. Such feature is not available.

Thank you for your quick answer @kazurayam

I’m still trying to figure out how to do what I need, but I think I will have to have to duplicate everything :frowning: :

  • only one scenario in each feature file
  • one test case of each scenario

I anyone has the same issue, would it be a feature request for Katalon team ?

When I make a google search with key “Cucumber retry only failed scenario”, I found that there are several blogs that tell “you can do it using commandline Cucumber as …” or “you want to do it in Testng as …”. However there is no way available in Katalon Studio.

Yes, you can make a feature request.

But for now you should take an alternative — you already know how to.

anyone has solution for this problem. we are also having the same issue

@vu.tran can we put in this feature?


I will raise ticket for this feature request and hope it will be planned soon. Thank you all!

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Our team has added this feature to our backlog and intended to deliver this in v9.4.0, 2024. Hope this update can help better catch up.