BDD can't execute my feature file



I wanted to test the BDD with katalon (I would like to automate my test).
I 've dowloaded the example (BDD Cucumber Tests) to try. It works.

So, I wanted to created my own test and I create a feature file, a groovy script file but when I try to run it … it doesn’t work.

No error but the scenario didn’t run

what’s wrong ?


The example works, but not your script. I think you need to double check on the script. I do not know what is wrong with your script.


thanks for the answer.
I don’t see something wrong in the script :frowning: see below


and what is your feature file?



here it is (it simple, it was just to understand how it works )



and how you run it?


by clicking on the run button (green button)


Could you remove the word ‘Outline’ from ‘Scenario Outline’?


It goes better but a parsing error


what is your feature file now?


the same


ok it’s a space char between scenario and :


thanks a lot for your precious help

now I can work with Katalon to improve my test