Basic Report plugin improvement suggestion

Hello guys,

I was thinking about this topic few days. Well, I’m very disappointed in the plugin, which is given in plugin store.
Old report looked way better, than the new one with the plugin.
Here what I mean in way better looking:
In the old one, there are shown data detailed, for exmple what I print in console, or in logs. Also, for descriptions, I used comments, where I dynamically was giving i.e usernames and password. But in the new one, when I use such kind of method, it just does not show, which username, password I’ve used.

  1. New Katalon Report, Katalon version 6.3.3:

    1.2 image

  2. Old Katalon Report, Katalon version: 6.1.0:
    2.1 image
    2.2 Detailed report with dynamically given username and password, using variables, excel file, etc.

As you see in the new katalon report, detailed info is not shown.
Maybe there is a way to modify it, if there is such a method, please tell me how to do it.


@brithwulf i have the feeling the issue it is not related to the plugin, but is caused by a previous change in the logger.
try to set your debug level to TRACE and re-run it. there are few discussions on this matter, i think still without a clear resolution.

as far as i remember, you were hit previously by this, could be a regression?
and yeah, i agree … such sudden undocumented/poor documented changes are anoying …


I have so.

@brithwulf the lines are commented :))) remove the hashtag

Hmm, I’ve removed hashtag, but report result is the same.

so … it may be something else this time. honestly i didnt played yet with the report plugin

I just realized, that using this plugin, I can’t get report from Test Suite Collections…

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