Basic Auth not updating HTTP Header

Hi guys,

I have this weird issue about Basic Auth. I tried looking it up but the closest I get is this SOAP Basic authentication is not working

But my case is HTTP Header is not being updated so I get the 401 error

This is my Basic auth

But my HTTP header is always Basic Og== (even after Update to HTTP Header)

I’m totally new to Katalon. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Did you click the “Update to HTTP Header”?

Yes I did.

Then I have tried to manually update HTTP Header. Now if I use another username/password and click “Update to HTTP Header”, the value I have manually set will remain the value.
Am I missing another step here?

I am using Katalon 6.0.4. Thanks for the response.

@tapyuca Sorry for the issue, we will fix this in next release


use this link to generate the auth token
and update directly into header