Send HEADER authentication token with every step


I am accessing a page via proxy using:
WebUI.authenticate(URL, username, password, timeout, failurehandling) and this works fine. However there are some parts of the webpage that require a HEADER parameter to be sent in order for me to access the page. Specifically the HEADER parameter is Authentication and its value is Basic BASE64STRING.

Is there a way in Katalon Studio to do something like this? The way I do this “manually” is that I use Chrome plugin called “Requestly” where I can create a rule that sends this header parameter with every click/request the test does. I am wondering if it’s possible to do this directly in Katalon Studio somehow.

EDIT: After some lengthy search it seems to be an impossible task by some Katalon utility - which to me, is very strange. Katalon should definitely allow to use such parameters to non-WS tests but that’s not important anymore.

The only “easy” way to do this, is probably by loading the Requestly extension, however my current problem is that the extension requires Sign in to load up stored “Header rules”. Any idea about that? Thanks

The only possible solution for this was to indeed implement third party program into our test that modifies HEADER. The test logs into the plugin, creates the HEADER modification, saves changes and then proceeds as normal.
This of course wouldn’t be a solution if we were using other browsers, but if anyone else encounters this issue on Chrome, you can go ahead and use Requestly plugin.
The only issue with the plugin is that it, for some reason, does not remember already created header modifications which means you will have to do it each time you run your test suit - ideally if your test suit starts with Login Test, then you will have to do it only once.

Oh my god Hynek thank you very much for your answer, this worked for me.