[AWS Device Farm]: I get some error

Feb 20, 2024 7:26:50 PM com.kms.example.aw_ios.utils.ConsoleLogger info
INFO: DEVICEFARM_LOG_DIR: /tmp/customer_log_directoryyfCcN5

java.io.FileNotFoundException: /private/tmp/scratchMbXryh.scratch/test-packageT_Jzqn/tmp/__MACOSX/._My_Project (No such file or directory)

Can’t find this folder, what does this mean? What can I do to fix it?
I tried and succeeded with your KatalonDemoProject, but when trying with my project I got this error.
Help me, pls!

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Hi Nghia, :wave:

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We saw that you have been able to resolve your issue. Would you mind sharing with others how you did it? That would come in handy in case another member has the same question as yours in your previous post.

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Cause: AWS Device Farm may not recognize or need to use these files. The problem may arise because you compressed a folder or file in your macOS environment before uploading it to AWS Device Farm, and the __MACOSX folder was created in the process.
Fix: In Your_Katalon_Project.zip, remove the __MACOSX folder before uploading: Use the following command in terminal to remove the __MACOSX folder from the zip file:

zip -d your-archive.zip "__MACOSX/*"  

Replace your-archive.zip with the name of your zip file.

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sure @albert.vu

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