Automatic button selection after refersh


I’m wondering if its to possible to do this idea with Katalon.

This is a website for selecting appointments that is updated from time to time, and for that I do go back and forth to refresh the calender randomally . Once the website owner enters a new queue there is a blue button on the date and below it there are hours. Look at the pictures.


Is there an option in Katalon to do it automatically ie:
Refresh the site until it opens a new queue 2. Select the queue by date
3. Select the queue time

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I will escalate this internally to see how we can help with this question.

Hi there,

Calendar-type targets are currently not supported in Katalon Recorder. But we’re working on it! Feel free to try Katalon Studio, which is a more advanced test automation tool.

Hope that helps.

ok, thanks!

do you know if what I asked can work with Katalon Studio?

Due to the various frameworks of websites, could you provide us with the specific website you’re using so we could test it and see if KS works with your website?