Katalon Studio Recorder or Spy cannot identify calendar


I have read only date fields in my web application. Only option to select date is from date picker (calendar). I have tried Katalon Recorder and Spy but none of these can identify or record the calendar object. Tried Jquery which can enter value but cleared on any action on the page
WebUI.executeJavaScript(‘$("#’+id+‘“).val(”’+date+‘")’, ). I found custom keyword to select value from the calendar which case I need calendar object. Please let me know how can I get the calendardate picker calendar html

Please see the attachments for more details.

Why not try a search?


Hi, just a quick thought but one solution might be to pause JavaScript in Chrome, when calendar is open - this will freeze it in place (hopefully) and allow use of inspect element or other tool:

  1. Open the Sources panel in Developer Tools ( Ctrl+Shift+I ).
  2. Click the Pause button to Pause script execution .
    See a previous reply of mine which was prompted by an annoying calendar!
    [How To] Use The Browser Developer Tools (F12 DevTools)

Hi, As soon as I click to pause the calendar closes out and become invisible to inspect :frowning: To use shortcut keys (Ctrl+) I have to click on developer tools pan which closes the calendar too.

Hi - you will need to have Dev Tools open first (possibly ‘Source’ pane too) -> Open your calendar -> click F8 (the shortcut for pausing Javascript).
The link I have given goes back to a Stackoverflow discussion that might give you some further tips.