Automate running a test from maven (as part of build process)

Hi Guys,

We’ve an AngularJS project. One of our team has used Katalon recorder to record a test in his own dev environment. Is there any way would could get this running as part of our build process ? (we use maven) - i.e. is there some script that represents the test that we could run - i.e. maybe a script to run command line selenium test or something like that ? i.e so the developer doesn’t have to remember to manually run them but there done as part of the build/check-in process.

Note - I’m aware we could have used Karmine and Jasmine but we stumbled on this first and it seemed like a good idea to quickly get some tests up and running. We’ve done some Karmine tests in fact and while beneficial they do take time to write for complex applications

Thanks Ro

Please have a look at this:

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the question. If you are using Katalon Recorder (not Katalon Studio), the feature is not available yet. We are working on it right now.