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When NTLM auhentification for Soap requests will be provided? thanks


When NTML will be implemente for Katalon


Any news on this. Trying to use Katalon for on prem Dynamics 365 testing and it need REST api query, but it requires NTLM/Windows Authentication. This seems to be one of the major features lacking in Katalon.


Please let us know about NTLM feature
waiting for the New release…


Some other WEB API test tools had support NTLM. Hope katalon will support it as soon as possible.


Hi All, I also encountering same kind of issue related to Authorization . I am looking for BearerToken . pls make sure to associate in next release.


BearerToken please :pray:


Did you try ?

Object Repository–> HTTP Header --> Name as Authorization --> Bearer <>


It works! Thank you


Did this worked for you?


Please add BearerToken