Authenticate unable to handle ports


For my test I need to be able to go to an ip-address with port. The “Authenticate” keyword doesn’t seem to recognize this.

Since the url has an “/#” on it’s end it does work with the “Navigate To Url” keyword but then I still need to authenticate which doesn’t work because the “Navigate To Url” get’s stuck because of the authentication.

I’ve noticed that “Navigate To Url” uses the “rawURL” param and “Authenticate” uses the “url” param. Might that be the issue?


Hi Frank,

Did you get this issue resolved? I have the same issue to test the application locally. There’s no response from the Katalon support. Wonder if you got your answer already. Thank you.


same issues any updates ?



I hope this can help.

If the problem you are experiencing when trying to authenticate is that the log shows an error in the navigation, try the following.

The keyword Authenticate is responsible only for that, so Katalon still does not understand that he has navigated to a url.

The next step to authenticate, must be navigate url. Example:

WebUI.openBrowser ('')
WebUI.authenticate (GlobalVariable.rootAuth, GlobalVariable.user, GlobalVariable.pass, 5)
WebUI.navigateToUrl (GlobalVariable.rootNavigate)

I invite you to do the test, I did it in Chrome.

Good luck



If I try to do Authenticate with a blank ("") URL, I get this exception:

Unable to navigate to authenticated page (Root cause: Expected authority at index 8: https://)

If I try to use Authenticate with the URL of the page that brings up the Basic Auth prompt, I get a connection timeout and then the URL bar is filled with the URL I want to go to, but WITHOUT the port. I’ll get an error saying Authenticate couldn’t navigate.

OR sometimes I’ll get this problem:

and after a long delay the browser will navigate to the URL without the port (so… connection timeout) but the log will say it authenticated successfully using a username and password that definitely would not have authenticated.

These authentication issues are preventing me from using Katalon entirely.


I do face the same issue.
One of my web applications under test has a port in its URL which I try to use with the authenticate keyword.
As described before, after some delay browser navigates to the URL but without the port and thus a connection time out is displayed.

Could it be fixed that also URL with ports can be used in future for .authenticate?

(Further to this, as was also mentioned before, username field of authenticate method shows the password value in plaintext in log viewer