I’ve got an issue when dealing with the webUI.authenticate function. The description of this function in Katalon says, that the url is optional:

url - url of the page to navigate (optional)
userName - username to authenticate
password - password to authenticate
timeout - time to wait since navigating to the page until entering username

I need to be able to let Katalon proceed to the url I’ve clicked before - but when I have to enter the same url again, I get stuck in a loop.

Does anybody have an idea, what to enter in the url section, in order to leave it blank? I’ve tried “null” or “%” or “*” but nothing seems to work

Thanks a lot

Could you help to try this custom keyword to replace WebUI.authenticate to see if it works for your case? You can consider the demonstration video below for adding the custom keyword to your project.
AuthenticateKeyword.groovy (6.4 KB)



Thank you very much for your support. Unfortunately, it seems that a URL still is mandatory. Is there a way, to set - instead of the URL - a wildcard or something similar?

Thanks a lot