Attachment is not getting uploaded

Hi All,

I am trying to attach a file in one of mu application module using Katalon Automation, but I am yet to be successful.

Please see the screenshot after the Upload specific step is executed.

Looks like the command is successful as it is trying to upload the file, but the loading process in not ending.

Here is my code:

WebUI.uploadFile(findTestObject(‘Page_ReportAnIssuePopUp/AttachmentField’), ‘Data Files\\\App Test Data\\\FilesToUpload\\\TextFile’)

The xpath of “AttachmentField” is - > **//input[@type=‘file’]

**However, manually the upload process is happening very smooth.

Could anyone please help?




Hi Prabodh

Is there anything written to the browser console? It sounds like there’s some kind of issue between client and backend if you’re seeing the “loading process” being but not end.

Hi @Russ Thomas - thanks for your help, I have already fixed the issue. In fact, I was not passing the file extension, which appeared to be the root cause. Now, after adding the extension, it is working fine.