ARROW_DOWN does not work


within a dropdown list object, as the values of the list are not recognized, I am trying to select the value through key events.

I was able to show the list of the dropdown button (with “ENTER” and “TAB” keys) but then I can’t go down and select any values because the event “send keys”= “ARROW_DOWN” has no effect. Could you please tell if this a known issue or help me to use it appropriately.

Many thanks !

Thanks Vinh, actually I did not know that a sequence of key commands must be set in the SAME operation (“send keys”). What I had done wrong is to set several “send keys” for the same operation. So now it is OK.

Thanks for your support

Where is the response from Vinh? I am having this same issue, I have used a shortcut (“f” as a string in one sendkeys) to open a dropdown, then want to use the down arrow key to highlight, then the enter key to select the option.

“f” works, but the sendkeys of down and enter are not working

Answer is like this for anyone else that gets stuck:

WebUI.sendKeys(findTestObject(null), Keys.chord(‘f’, Keys.DOWN, Keys.ENTER))

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Hey, could you plz telle me what is ‘f’ in this?

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yes what is f please ?

I would like to tape : Alt + Left Arrow too

I think “f” is the shortcut defined to open the dropdown, as it was mentioned in the previous answer. This is followed by an arrow key to highlight and enter key to select an entry.