"application/merge-patch+json" as an option in HTTP Headers

It would be good to have “application/merge-patch+json” as an option in header.
Right now i need to copy and paste it or type it manually every time I change something in the body as the header defaults back to application/json.

you can set the headers programaticaly in the test script, or use a variable for it

I could, but it would be really convenient to have it in the drop down or smoehow save a custom header value like content-type : application/merge-patch+json, so i can use it multiple times easily

if i have to do more than two api calls in a project, i just make a generic parametrized object and reuse it across testcases :stuck_out_tongue:
or,if you like it the old fashion,with tones of objects in repository, you can simply copy paste objects to duplicate them and just change what is needed (url, body)