Allow adding a header to multiple objects

A feature to copy a header and its associated value (and even related variable) to multiple test objects would be a great solution for times when a header like Origin or Authorization is added to multiple requests of an API during develop or maintenance cycles.
Having to add a header to multiple test objects requires me to go file by file to add the header, its value or the associated variable, and if there is a variable, change to the Variables tab to add it and its associated value or select the corresponding Global Variable, or to make it faster, open the .rs file directly, look at the httpHeaderProperties blocks, determine if the header isn’t there alreadly (difficulted by the fact that for the headers the “name” property is in the middle of the block instead of being first or even last like in the Variables and copy paste the header block from another file, and then, if the Header is assigned to a Variable, copy the Variable block from another place and paste it into the variables section of the file, once you have a lot of headers, finding them takes a lot of time.

I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected


Thanks @maximo.iglesias for your feature suggestion. I have added an issue here for ease of tracking

Will let you know when there’s more information.