Appium: Can not get element of loading icon and wait it

Hi everyone.

I am automating for a mobile application
I can’t get the element of the loading icon so can wait to implement the next action. I used UI Automator tool and Spy object of katalon tool but can not get it
Note: When the loading icon is loading then the script still send key
I need your help.
Please see the below attachment


Hi Dan, instead of waiting the loading icon, as a workaround why dont you wait for an element of the next page?..
Maybe a waitforelementvisible() and scpecifying some timeout to wait for that element of the following page( example: any button or element that is not in the previous page)

Hi @ francoarebuffi

Thanks for your support but this loading icon displays a lot of places and some cases don’t have any other element to wait so I have to use the Delay feature.
waitforelementvisible() => I could not use this waiting due to when the loading icon displays then all elements on this screen are visible.I’m checked it :frowning:
So I hope will have another way to resolve it :slight_smile: