App is always uninstalled while running test suite

Hi Katalon,

I have a problem when running my test suite, my app sometimes is getting uninstalled. Fyi, I always run Mobile.startApplication(appPath, true) for each test case I made. Is there any possibilities to avoid that? I have increase RAM of my Android Studio virtual device to more than 8GB, but it always shows same thing. Thank you in advance.

Hey @paulus.alexander, is it possible for you to show a video of your process when running the test suite and screenshots of your test cases for us to see the problem better?

May I provide you the video via personal message through this katalon community instead?

Katalon Community so other can also see and help you too

You should change the parameter to false to let Studio do not uninstall the app for the next run.

For more details, please refer to our keyword documentation: [Mobile] Start Application | Katalon Docs