App get's deleted randomly. How to prefent

So i run Katalon Studio for Android testing.

First step is the app is de-installed then installed again and the suite runs.

It randomly deleted the app…

This is a huge pain as i constantly need to manually re-install the app. It is very hard to use Chrome-devtools or do some manual clicking on my phone. It even happened while i was using the Katalon Object spy…

For me i don’t even want the app to be installed and de-installed constandly. A reboot off the app would be enough. How can i set this?

I have set my Appium capability NoReset to True

I am using my own device plugged in with USB. Testing and all works fine. It is just the unasked de-installing i have issues with


You can change the param uninstallAfterCloseApp of [Mobile] Start Application to false to let KS/Appium will not uninstall the app after each run

Mobile.startApplication(java.lang.String appFile, boolean uninstallAfterCloseApp)

or manually installing the app then use [Mobile] Start Existing Application to active the app

I will try that thank you very much.

1 more question (Sorry, i am very new in Katalon) I set it now in my script. Schould i set it for each script or can i set it globally?

It did not work. Application is removed from my mobile again…

I don’t know why this keeps happening! I have set it to false and it worked for a few hours. Untill now. Poof it’s removed again…