App Center Integration

Hi @thongnmtran,

I tried integrating katalon project with AppCentre, unfortunately its unable to find the object says ''Test object with id ‘Object Repository/’ does not exist" Not sure If I’m missing something here.
But the same project runs fine locally.
Attaching the logs here, could you you please help on this?
appiumlogs.txt (57.4 KB) testlogs.txt (47.3 KB)

Hi @saranya.natarajan,

We are currently reworking this integration, but before then you can take a look at this file At the line 24, you can see the Katalon version there. You can change it to the latest version of Katalon and run again to see if it works.

Thanks for your reply @thongnmtran.
I tried Katalon version change option to latest 8.0.5, that also dint work.
Please let us know once reworking of integration is complete, I was trying do a POC for our mobile project. Would like try on this again. Thanks!