How to integrate Katalon with Visual studio Appcenter?

We recently started test automation using Katalon for a Xamarin iOS App. According to the plan, we should need automatically run the scripts under the Visual Studio App center.
So, is there a way to integrate Katalon scripts with Visual Studio App centre?

Hi @Flash,

You can execute Katalon tests from the command line, so you should be able to write a script step in Visual Studio App Center to run the tests that way:

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Hi @Flash,
Were you able to achieve running tests on Visual Studio AppCenter?

Hi, can you share which options exactly we can use in CLI for App Center? So far, I can see only Kobiton’s options.

Hi @nurmazrina.muhamadz,

After looking at some of the MS Visual Studio App Center docs, it doesn’t look like they support Katalon, only Appium: (at least as of the time of the writing of those docs in 2018). I thought you would be able to run any command in the App Center, but it seems more locked down than that.

You might need to contact MS App Center support or check their forums to see if there are workarounds to run your own scripts on the command line.

– Chris

Thanks Chris for your prompt reply. Will ask App Center on this.

@Flash, @sugantest1, @nurmazrina.muhamadz, @Chris_Trevarthen

Currently, Katalon Studio Runtime Engine doesn’t support running Mobile test on MS VS App Center. There are some issues between KRE and VS App Center and we are trying to fix them (almost of them were fixed).

The beta version of enhanced KRE will be available soon. It will support VS App Center and can run in truly headless environments.

Please stay tuned and thank for your attention.


Thats really good to hear :smiley:

Hello All, From above post i understood that Katalon is working on the fixing on KRE issue which will fix on the Katalon and App Centre integration issue.
Is there any ETA for this?

Hi everyone

sideload is a Proof of Concept (POC) for executing Katalon Studio tests on App Center Test.

By using sideload to package Katalon projects in JUnit format, you can execute your Katalon test scripts with devices provided on App Center.


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