APK Not starting or launching. It strucks at one point always. Please refer to the screenshot

Kindly help me on this. This issue is applicable for "Spy mobile and Record Mobile " after then it is not at all launching. It just keeps on loading and showing the same page

Thanks in advance


Hi is your APK working on mobile please try this 1st…

Yes it was working. I will check now again

Hi Mahesh,

Thanks for your response.

Will check and let you know about this issue in mobile.

Once we add this apk via usb, starting application dialog box appeared and strucjk in loading

Hi Mahesh,

I checked it in my mobile. its working.

Thanks. Please help me on that issue

Hi Mukrish,

Have tried to fixed that issue and it’s working now but i am getting the following error message while doing “spy mobilie” and “Record Mobile”. I have uploaded the apk "When i click on “Start” then it starts to starting application, and started running then
error message is displayed.

kata 1.PNG

i am getting this error while starting the spy mobile

Screenshot (17).png

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i have been facing same issue. i.e could not able to start the android application using Katalon tool. Please help if there any clue known to some one.

Hadia Aziz said:

i am getting this error while starting the spy mobile

anyone found sol’n for this issue? I am also facing same issue Please help me.