Work with multiple sheet on Excel file

How can I call data in multiple sheet from my excel file in one script

For example: my excel file has two sheets A and B, and I need to get data from them to put in my script. However, Katalon just loads data from one sheet at once ?

Hi Nguyen,

Currently, a instance of TestData only loads one sheet that was specified in your Test Data.

To deal with your case, we can do this:

ExcelData myData = (ExcelData) ObjectRepository.findTestData(“your_test_data_id”)

def dataOfSheetA = myData .changeSheet(“sheet_A”).getAllData()

def dataOfSheetB = myData .changeSheet(“sheet_B”).getAllData()

To list all sheet names of a test data, please try:

myData.getSheetNames() (String[])

Please remember that ExcelData is an implementation of TestData and only works for Excel file.

Hopefully, my sharing will help you.