[API]-[Exception]-[KeywordMain] Unable to send request (Root cause: java.net.SocketException: Socket closed)



See the image: I got above error when trying to send a RestAPI request.
Since this error is from KeywordMain of Katalon, can someone please give an idea for resolving it…

Phuong Hua.


were you able to run the test using the play button in object repository?


Hi Manu,

See the attachment, that is the way I am sending a request.

In my case, I am taking test data from excel file.
I have 85 test data records, and for the first 76 test records, everything is OK.
I just got the issue from the record 77th to the last one.
Also, If I only run test data of record 77th --> the latest record (9 rows of data in excel file), there is NO Socket error issue.

I am not sure but It looks like that there is some issue with Katalon if the number of test data in excel file is more than 70 rows…

Do you have any advice on this?



strange issue. No explanation