Android device is not appearing when we try to run the test cases

emulator is displaying when i try to record and object spy through mobile recorder but when i try to execute the recorded test case by clicking on android we are getting this error

also the app is not running on real mobile device i am getting this error.

Hi @ankitas2,

For the “wrong syntax” error, can you try adding a double \ in your apk file path? I’m thinking that the \ needs to be escaped, e.g. C:\\Users\\ankitas2.CHETU\\Downloads...

Hope this helps,


Hi @shitaltadas,

For the first error, please update Katalon Studio to v6.1.4. We have fixed the issue. We are sorry for this inconvenient.


i also try this but apk file path is not editable we can only browse the apk we can’t edit this path.image

yes this works…thanks