Analytics : A way to filter or group test failures specific to a suite


Assume I am running a test suite collection which has multiple suites.
Assume that there are test failures in different suites, lets say in every suite .

when this suite collection execution is done, this is going to be represented as a single execution id at analytics , which is fine.

But at the moment, it looks not very easy to filter failures that are specific to a suite in the collection.
all Failed Test Runs are shown as a group with pagination to view entire list of failures, and it is difficult to group failures pertaining to a particular suite.

So if you have around 10 test suite in your collection and if there are many failures in the execution, this present style takes a lot of testers time. The Platform Coverage section too do not help much, all it takes us to historical data etc

It would be great if we can filter and group test runs based on suite , or something similar


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