An administrator has installed Google Chrome on this system

Hi community!!!

When try run a test case, it show this message for browser Chrome (the others very well functione, Firefox…):

Help me, please!!!


@yannycarol Can you please translate the message into English?

Are you an administrator on your machine? It would be best if you run Katalon with full admin rights. This will solve many issues.

What happens if you click the Aceptar / Accept button ?

Un administrador ha instalado Google chrome en este sistema y el programa se encuentra disponsible para todos los usuarious.
Ahora, la instalacion de google chrome de nivel de sistema sustituira a la instalacion de nivel de usuario. Aceptar

An administrator has installed Google Chrome on this system and the program is available to all users.
Now, the installation of google chrome system level will replace the installation of user level. To accept

@yannycarol chrome is installed ‘system wide’ (for all users) but you are running katalon from a user installation.
therefore the warning.
so, you have two options:

  • install chrome for your user
  • run katalon with administrative privileges

if you click the “accept” most probably chrome will be made available for your user, and next time should run without problems.

ThankU everyone!!! I applied this:

This error occurs when Google Chrome is available for all users. By default, when Google Chrome installs it is installed in the AppData folder so it does not require admin rights for installation.

Step 1:

Navigate to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome , where you should find a folder called Application. Delete the folder, but DO NOT DELETE the user data folder!

Step 2:

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application and make sure Google Chrome exists (this is the default location).

Step 3:

In the Windows start menu under Google Chrome, change the shortcut location to the location given in Step 2, and then you can pin the program to the taskbar.