[Alpha Version] Katalon Studio 8.5.2

Hello Community Members! :wave:

Today we would like to announce the Katalon Studio version 8.5.2 alpha! Please note that as this version is still in alpha, bugs and glitches are bound to happen. Should you run into them, please let us know at Bug Reports.

Download here: Katalon Studio version 8.5.2 alpha


  • Enhance the support for multi-level Shadow DOM in Web Recorder and Spy

Kindly try it out and leave us any feedback you have about the new version.

Happy testing!
Katalon Studio Team.


The point should be stressed that, alpha software should not be considered ready for prime-time production release. Neither is beta software. Both are for TRIAL and TEST, not production use. Only official releases are for production use.

The wording “excited to announce” should not be used for alpha releases. Traditionally, official support is not provided for alpha/beta software, users are directed toward the official release to gain official support. If you officially announce interim releases, you’ll have to support them. And that’s a problem because the code itself is not finalized and ready for official release.

My advice to users, FWIW, is not to use alpha or beta software for prime-time everyday testing. Try it, by all means, but don’t rely on it.

@vu.le @vu.tran @sara.leslie

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@nhi.knguyen with that in mind, you should never be excited for an alpha “release”.
Which, in most sane workflows, should be made available for testing only.
A simple notice for the testers will just work.

A release notes should be sent only for stable builds, after are QA-lified … and so on.
Just saying …

Hi @Russ_Thomas & @bionel, thank you very much for your feedback. I’ve slightly revised Nhi’s post to be more fitting.

Hi @nhi.knguyen, could you also mention any known bugs/issue in your post that our members might run into as they try the new version out, as well as which one we’re working on to iron out? Thanks!

@vu.le I’d reserve that phrase for official releases, too.

on the other side, as long as a certain tag/ build it is not made available on the main page, and official docs are not updated… is not a release.
new fixes/ features has to be documented into the changelog, and later merged into the release notes when a new milestone is achieved and stable version trully released.

if to be rephrased, i will sent such annoumcement as ‘we just published / made available’ whatever alpha / beta, kindly test and provide feedback

you definetly need another template for such intermdiate shippment

Hi @Russ_Thomas & @bionel, We’re sorry for the confusion here and we’ll have another announcement template for alpha and beta versions. Thank you so much for your feedback.

Hi @vu.le, I really appreciate your help to revise the post. Thank you.