All Katalon Studio Saving Issues (was Unable to save part)

Since this was bumped by the system… and it’s now another year later…

@Loan_Tran @ThanhTo @duyluong Any news? Progress?

@devalex88 Any chance KS 8.0 (with the new eclipse stuff) will make this go away?

We have spent a lot of effort on reproducing the issue but we have no luck.
@tomoya_chen @Morgan Have you still seen the issue with the latest release? If yes, can you share us your script and provide us the exact steps you did to meet the issue?

I’ve given you the steps a number of times. Here’s one from TWO years ago - please read the whole thread. Bug in Katalon Studio Save Routine - #3 by Russ_Thomas

The script is not the issue - it can be small, or large.

The issue seems to appear when there are many files open and two or three or even four or five need saving. Then, when one is saved, or ALL are saved via Save All, one of them does NOT save. From that moment on, saving is not possible, changes are not saved. Editing in the culprit file does not make the * appear (it’s not there because the system “thinks” it has been saved). The only cure then is to copy the changes to Notepad, close the file (the system does NOT ask to save changes - again because it thinks it is saved) and reopen it. THEN the * appears in the tab.

Here is what I mean by “many files open”:

Hi @Russ_Thomas,
I believe the script containing something special so that it is unable to save it. I tried opening many files but still saving successfully. Can you share us your script?