The number of valid offline licenses: 1 Start activating online... Offline activation failed

I have a problem with running tests by KRE.
I get a message during activating

[10:06:39] [Step 1/1] Activating…
[10:06:39] [Step 1/1] Start activating offline…
[10:06:39] [Step 1/1] Search for valid offline licenses in folder: C:\Users\svc_katalon\ .katalon\license
[10:06:39] [Step 1/1] Start checking license: KRE_4ad523f3246282d6b8e8d0753b82xxxx_81067200.lic
[10:06:39] [Step 1/1] KRE_4ad523f3246282d6b8e8d0753b82xxxx_81067200.lic is valid.
[10:06:39] [Step 1/1] The number of valid offline licenses: 1
[10:06:46] [Step 1/1] Start activating online…
[10:06:46] [Step 1/1] Offline activation failed.

If the offline license is valid, why want to activate it online?

Maybe I don’t want online activation because it takes too long.