Actions or objects are not being recorded in Katalon studio 5.5

I am facing issue with Web recording. No actions or objects are being recorded in Katalon studio 5.5. Can someone help me with this.

What is the error? Any Log? screenshot?

i am getting the same issues and the problem is there are no errors or logs being generated. The only actions it performs is open browser and close browser.
it does highlight the sections you want to automate but do not capture in the scripts.

on the other hand if i am using the katalon recorder plugin for chrome its inspecting and capturing all the objects.

so not sure why its not working with katalon studio 5.5

Try check whether you use any proxy server. If yes, then make sure you turn off the proxy server. I had the same problem before.

Please find below screenshot, can’t find any logs for this. We do use proxy, nothing works without proxy in my machine.


just to verify:
you are using record web?
you are entering your url?
you are choosing your browser type?
you are clicking ok and using the browser that auto popups for you?

I have the same issue. Not able to record actions or objects in Katalon studio 7.7;

Checked the proxy settings, they were ticked off too!

How to resolve the issue?