[Academy] Handling Web Tables Using Katalon Studio 🎓


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Web tables are essential for structuring and displaying data, from simple lists to complex grids. Effective handling of web tables is crucial for testers and automation engineers to ensure accurate and efficient test automation. Mastering web table techniques allows testers to extract, validate, and manipulate data efficiently, enhancing their automation efforts.

This course teaches how to navigate, interact with, and automate web table tests using Katalon Studio, improving testing workflows and software quality.

In three chapters, you will learn:

  • The basics and HTML elements of web tables
  • How to use Katalon Studio for common web table testing scenarios
  • Advanced techniques for creating reusable keywords across test cases

By the end of this course, you will be proficient in using Katalon Studio to handle web tables effectively.

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This course was created by our instructor Ravikanth Edamakanti (@ravikanth.edamakanti) - Senior Manager at Cigniti - who is also one of our Katalon Creators! Check out his profile below :point_down: