How to quickly verify text in large HTML tables


My business’s website at one point generates a series of giant HTML tables on multiple tables full of multiple static text. I need to verify the text in these tables. Usually I would just take out Katalon recorder and manually with my mouse perform the right-click + select verifyText for table cell after cell. But there is so much that this would take a very long time and break my wrists.

Does there exist some way in Katalon Recorder or Katalon Studio to just “point” to a table and have Katalon somehow record a verification of all its text, which I can then insert the verification into a test case?

I should I note that I have never used the Katalon “Object Repository” in my web validation because it does not seem to add any additional value.


@Ilya_Novak I use Katalon Studio. I don’t “point” to a table and magically have the software do the verification (although you can submit that for an improvement). I’m certain we will all get our walking papers someday when the software does it all by itself. Maybe one of us will be needed to start the button first thing in the morning like George Jetson. In the meanwhile, I use the concepts of the following site;

You don’t need the OR for it, but you may need to know how to get to the HTML of the table to see the table setup. You may have to experiment some to learn how to do web tables, but I do this all the time now. There are lots of questions on this forum on how to use the web tables. You just need to see how the parts are moving down and then into the various parts of the table.

Once you get it going, it’s almost a copy and paste to the next tables.

Verify a specific piece of text appears anywhere in the DOM/Page source.

Thank you to both of you.