About the Jobs & Gigs Corner category & Guideline

Looking for someone to join your team or to fulfill a specific Katalon-related work, then you have come to the right place!

A big THANK YOU to our community members for your suggestions and feedback for making space a reality! :heart:

1. What is the Jobs & Gigs category for?

This place is where you can promote paid/unpaid open positions to potential employees and contractors. If you are looking for a Katalon-related job or gig, you can browse through this category for suitable offerings.

There are two types of posts within this category:

Jobs Gigs
A paid full-time/part-time, or even remote position A contractual, temporary or short-term, or even freelancing position and can be either paid or unpaid

:pushpin: Note: Katalon-related jobs/gigs ONLY! This is for the community, by the community! For example, if you are posting for full-time Automation Test Engineer position, then one of the skills requirements should be Katalon-related i.e. Experience with using the Katalon Platform or one of its modules for test orchestration.

2. Posting guidelines

Please make sure that your job/gig ad is well-written and clear, and does not go against our Community Guideline.

2.1. Templates

:point_right: You can follow this template for inspiration when creating a job/gig post. There is no hard restriction regarding your post’s formatting, however. Nevertheless, a good rule of thumb is to include:

  • The available position(s).
  • Job/gig descriptions.
  • Company/Team/Project info.
  • Links to your website.
  • A way to contact you
  • How to apply.

:pushpin: Note: All job/gig posts will be reviewed by our moderators prior to publishing. Any post that does not follow our template will be removed and the OP (original poster) will need to submit another post.

2.2. What happens after my post is approved and published?

Your post will then be visible to any who comes to the Jobs & Gigs category.

Please note that your post will not be displayed on our homepage a.k.a. the Latest page by default, this is to ensure that our homepage is clean and only displays questions and answers about the Katalon Platform.

2.3. What should I do if I have multiple open positions available?

Please proceed to create separate job/gig posts for each open position. This helps both you and our team to manage and respond to offers as they come.

3. (For job/gig seekers) Browsing for jobs/gigs

3.1. What should I do if I want to be notified of jobs/gigs posts?

You can go to Jobs & Gigs Corner and choose the “Watching” or “Tracking” option category notification level by clicking on the bell :bell: button.

3.2. What should I do if I find an offer that suits me?

  1. Reply to the job/gig post indicating your interest in the offer or task.
  2. Contact the OP of the job/gig post by their specified communication method (emails, instant messaging, etc.).

4. (For employers) Working with candidates

4.1. I have found a suitable person for the job/gig, what should I do now?

  1. Respond to the candidate(s) via your specified communication method and work out the details with them.
  2. After you have chosen a suitable candidate(s), please reply to your post saying so and tag @team so that we will close your post to prevent further soliciting.

5. Disclaimer

Any department or persons of the Katalon team are not responsible for:

  • Transactions or contracts formed between parties as a result of recruitment from the Katalon Community.
  • Resolving disputes on contracts or agreements formed as a result of recruitment from the Katalon Community.
  • Resolving personal conflicts located outside the Unity Developer Network.

Any contract or work acquired on our forum is done entirely at your own risk, this is an open community on the internet, so be wise. If you have a bad experience please resolve this issue with the relevant parties. The Katalon Community team is not legally trained and thus, cannot offer you advice nor resolution. If in doubt, please contact your local law enforement agency or attorney for legal advice.

But wait, what should I do if I got scammed?

First of all, we are very sorry to hear about your situation. We strive to build and maintain an open space where Katalon users can come to discuss about our products and learn from each other, yet sometimes scammers can still lurk around in our community.

While we will not be able to offer you any compensation for your loss, we would greatly appreciate it if you could work with us to combat scamming on our forum by:

  • Report the scammer to us immediately with their username.
  • Our team will proceed to suspend the scammer’s account.
  • Our team will create and update a Scammer list as time goes on to help you better avoid such incidents in the future, similar to Reddit’s Universal Scammer List.

Have a question?

Simply reply to this thread and or send a message and tag our @team for advice.

You have suggestions on updating this topic?

Simply create a topic in Site Feedback - Katalon Community

Have a ball! :sunglasses:


@albert.vu @vu.tran @mike.verinder

I’m now wondering if users need a way to add “I’m looking for work” to their profiles – some kinda badge or banner?

I’m not sure I like the idea… wondering what others think…

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HI there Russ,

Sorry for my late reply.

Interesting point. Although for our forum, the badges are more of a permanent thing i.e. you would get the badge after completing a set of actions or satisfying some requirements.

I think the more suitable workaround would be to create another area where those who are looking for work could come and “advertise” themselves to prospective employers. Let’s see if there is enough request from other members for doing so :+1:

is there space for side hustle/gigs for short/ temporary snd long term

Hi @dineshh,

Could you elaborate a bit more? I am guessing what you meant was a space for people to look for jobs or short-term/freelance positions?

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yes @albert.vu that’s right!!

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