A business domain email is required

Is there anyway to register account from my personal email, if I Dont have any Business account
A business domain email is required.


Hi @Noor_Ahmed_Khan, thanks for sharing this. Business domain email is encouraged but required. You can register will other public domain such as gmail, yahoo. Please let me know what is the message shown and I can assist accordingly.


Thank you for your replay , but its not working If register from Gmail Id
I have atteched the screenshot

I think it might be a small glitch. Can you try just come to our website katalon.com and click “start a trial” or “log in” to register your account?

Please let me know if this helps.

A business domain email is required.

same issue

@vu.tran as far as I know, bussines domain is required since 7.x

Previously, it was possible for users to register with a private e-mail because katalon was free as in free beer (no online activation needed for free version, just one-time login).
Therefore you may see that I am using such, simply because my account was created before that date (same for plenty other users, I think)

Once ‘licensing’ became mandatory, a bussiness e-mail is a must.
If I recall corectly, such was implemented due to high fake accounts attempts, coming mostly from Asia but not limited.
Dig into the history of this forum and you may find the announcements.

@Noor_Ahmed_Khan I thing gmail have now the option for free users to create own ‘domain like’ mail account /aliases , you can try that.

should not be something like whatever@gmail or whatever@yahoo so if you create something like my_user@home or anything else for your gmail account, may work.

This is it?

To use this, @Noor_Ahmed_Khan needs to own a domain for himself. For example, noorahmedkahn.com. Using this domain for Google Account would be free. But owning a domain is not free. In fact, I have my own domain kazurayam.com. To own this domain, I pay some US dollars a month to AWS.

If @Noor_Ahmed_Khan is an employee and has an email address allocated by the organization (say, foo.bar.com), he would have an email address noorarmedkhan@foo.bar.com. He should be able to use it to sign in to Katalon. Katalon’s licensing scheme assumes that ALL katalon users are employed by organizations (small/large, it doesn’t matter).

This is your approach.
Any other user can attempt to use any other service provided by google (e.g. make your own ‘Blog’ and the above may work.

For the rest, yeah, show the money and everything is fine.
Do you really think Katalon was stupid when implementing this?
Think twice …
Dumb? agreed, but not stupid.
We need money to develop, believe it or not, how money are requested and collected is another storry

Take it or leave it!

I have same problem.
I thought it was bug, because I cant find any info about this in Katalon documentation.

But I don’t know, I’ll just wait someone official can answer here.

I have no idea what “official answer” do you expect, guys.
This has been introduced since version 7.x.
As I mentioned, search the forum, e.g we had some debates here:

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I’m also checking with internal teams as we are committed to our free users community and enable everyone easy jobs with Katalon. Stay tuned!

Dear all,

I would like to confirm you that we open registration for all email domains. While we encourage business emails for those who wish to talk to our sales team and purchase licenses, free users are also welcome to register for Katalon products and take advantage of our Freemium offering.

Please note that there may be some overlap in the registration process if you are concurrently clicking on one of our marketing campaigns that requires a business email domain and your cookies still remember that, and the normal sign-up process on our website. To avoid any issues, we recommend clearing your cache and cookies before starting the sign-up process with your email.

We want to reiterate that we are committed to providing our community with the Freemium package for individual use of Katalon. Thank you for your interest in our products and we look forward to welcoming you to our platform.

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you may like or not to take the comunity pulse also here.
an issue rised years ago, luckilly solved today (i hope)

Yeah. it’s pretty apparent what the sentiment was.
bugs suck. glad it got fixed.