255 characters limit

I wanted to create a folder, and i got a message displayed telling me that i have reached the limit of 255 characters. Could you please unlock that limit in the next release, or if it’s not coming from the software could you please tell me where i could change the setting in my OS(MacOs)

Thanks in advance

i got a message displayed

Could you take a screenshot of the message and attach it here?

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 13.41.41.png

As https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7140575/mac-os-x-lion-what-is-the-max-path-length describes, 255 is the maximum size of name of file (or directory) defined by the file system behind the OS: HFS Volume Format. We have no way to change the limit. All you can do is to shorten your file name.

Alright,thank you for your answer.
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