Zmena proxy v projekte

Hello. I have a project that I test on different environments. I need to change proxies in one environment. Can I do it somehow through the catalonia, let me test the project in different environments, and when it comes to testing this particular one, will it change its proxies and test that environment as well? well thank you

As for Katalon Studio Enterprise & Free, you can change the Proxy setting by GUI

The change in Proxy setting will be reflected by stopping and restarting the GUI.

KS offers " System proxy for the desired capabilities of a test execution":

This might help you.

Also, have a look at “Override Proxy details in the test script”. You can switch Proxy settings programattically. Though I haven’t tried this, it should work.

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As for Katalon Runtime Engine, you are supposed to explicitly specify the Proxy setting as commandline option:

You may write a set of bash script (or PowerShell script) for each environments to launch KRE with appropriate Proxy settings. You want to choose one script and just start it.

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