[WS] Verify Element Property Value

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Related to this topic. I’d like to verify the property value against data coming from my Data File (in Excel). As example, something like this using Zip Code, where ‘data.zip’ comes from API Response, and ‘ZipFromExcel’ comes from my Data File in Katalon Studio.

WS.verifyElementPropertyValue(response, ‘data.zip’, ‘ZipFromExcel’)

How do I do this? THANKS!

Can you give example for Soap response how to validate property values there?

I have some questions, How i can verify if the respose has an element for example {“name”:“John”}, how i can verify if it has “name” in the response?

and my other question is how i can verify the structure of the response, for example i have a swager with a response {“name”:string,“phones”:[]… how i can verify that my response {“name”:“John”,“phones”:[“2225552312”,“231232321”]… is correct?