Write result of setText to excel

Hi everyone

at the moment iam able to use an excel file and every value of all cells of one column are written one by one (per WebUI KeyWord setText) in a Textfield on the web Page.

Iam using one single TestCase an about 20 Excel Rows from one column. So if the Testcase is over and completely passed in the Console or LogViewer i can read 20 times “Text ‘xyc’ is set on object ‘xyc’” with status passed.

Now the question: How iam able to write the passed result “Text ‘xyc’ is set on object ‘xyc’” to excel in a second Column like?:

value1 “Text ‘Value1’ is set on object ‘xyc’”

Value2 “Text ‘Value2’ is set on object ‘xyc’”

Value20 “Text ‘Value20’ is set on object ‘xyc’”

(Value is column one and Text is the second column)

Or is it better to make a verify match on the textfield for every row/Value an then "System.out.print e.g.?