Windows Test Objects

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Is it possible to identify an object based on more than one locator strategy? For example by object class name and object name?

Coming a little late here, but I believe the “self-healing” feature is what you want.

The naming of the feature isn’t incredibly intuitive.

On this page…

It says this…

You can add multiple locators to an object but you must select one of them as a default locator. The default locator is used for detecting the object during test execution. From 7.6, you can use Self-healing mechanism to utilize multiple locators of an object.

Not sure if this is what its referencing, but it looks positive…

When the self-healing mode is activated (by default), and Katalon Studio fails to find an object with its default locator, Katalon tries other pre-configured locators associated with that object.

Here’s the link to the self-healing documentation (I haven’t fully absorbed it all yet myself):


Is it possible to load existing Windows objects to Spy in order to verify that they are correct please?
Or is there any other way of editing an existing object and checking it?
For example - pick object from Object Repository and add to Object Spy.
The context menu for Windows project gives ‘Add to Web Object Spy’ but this is greyed out (presumably not applicable). This means that if I have an existing set of objects I will probably have to remake them rather than edit an existing one - making it difficult in cases where multiple test cases share test objects. I am also unsure whether ‘run from here’ is supported for Desktop apps.
Any advice on minimising maintenance appreciated, thanks Dan (using KSE 8.0.5 currently)