[Windows] Katalone - Not able to apply click operation on element gotten by index using find elements

// Code
def listOfUsers=Windows.findElements(findWindowsObject(‘Object Repository/sample/samp1/CheckBox’))|
println('\n \t Count ‘+listOfUsers)|
println(’\n \t Count '+listOfUsers.size())|
def checkboxtest = listOfUsers.get(3).click()

From above sample code. listOfUsers contains list of elements. Geting one of the elements using
index i.e .get(3). Now, there isnt any particular method to click on that windowstestobject which is at index3. I tried using .click() but of not use as .click() reference to webelement. How do i apply click operation in it.

This may not answer your question but just to tell you that Lists start at zero, so when you have get(3), you are trying to get the fourth element. Does println('\n \t Count '+listOfUsers.size())| display that you have four or more elements?