Why when I set Windows along with Edge Chromium on TestCloud as part of my ADO pipeline, the chosen OS is my agent pool's OS which is linux?

TestCloud is sold as a tool that allows to execute tests across multiple OS and browsers. I don’t understand then why when I run TestCloud from my ADO pipeline it does not use the OS that I have specified in my command but instead it uses my agent pool’s OS. If TestCloud can’t do that on a pipeline, then what is it’s purpose? Is it possible to run my test cases on Windows from my linux agent pipeline?

This is what my command line looks like with testcloudEnvironmentId="300" which corresponds to running my tests on Windows with Edge Chromium:

- main

  vmImage: ubuntu-latest

- task: katalonTask@1
    version: '9.2.0'
    executeArgs: '-retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TestSuiteOne" -browserType="TestCloud" -testcloudEnvironmentId="300" -testcloudTunnel="false" -apiKey="xxxx" -licenseRelease="true" -orgID="xxxx" --config -webui.autoUpdateDrivers="true" -adoPlanId="38726" -adoTestRunName="Another test run name"'
    xvfbConfiguration: '-a -n 0 -s "-screen 0 1024x768x24"'
    JAVA_HOME: $(JAVA_HOME_17_X64)
    PATH: $(JAVA_HOME_17_X64)/bin:$(PATH)
  displayName: 'Katalon test run on TestCloud'
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Here is an example of what I get in Katalon TestOps when using -testcloudEnvironmentId=“107” in my ADO pipeline to obtain a MacOS + Safari. The agent of my pool is Windows but I assume the platform should appear as MacOs logo with Safari. The same thing with the test reports, it does not mention MacOS anywhere but only the browsers and the Windows agent.
Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 09.29.04

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