Why katalon docker container does not import the reports.html to katalon analytics

im running the katalon docker container and integrated katalon analytics in my project settings. after the execution all the files(screenshot, videos etc) are getting pushed to katalon analytics server except reports.html & reports.csv files. is this is katalon bug where any file with the name report will not be pushed?



How were reports.html and reports.csv generated?

Hello @devalex88 i recently started having a similar issue,
I am also using docker to run the tests
After the test collection has run
The last report for the final test suite of the collection is the only one being uploaded, when i select re-import it resolves it in some cases and the rest of the test suites are imported however some times it remains incomplete, please advise.

You can also upload test results manually to your target team and project.

  1. In Katalon Studio, open a Test Suite or Test Suite Collection > navigate to the Result tab.
  2. Select Katalon TestOps , and click Upload .

Once having uploaded the test results successfully, you can double-check on Katalon TestOps.

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