Why is Katalon's test case execution now slower than before? Has anyone experienced the same thing?

Why is Katalon test case execution slower now than before? Has anyone experienced the same thing?

I tried executing the same testcase but now it is very slow compared to the last 2 weeks.

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How often do you clean your temp folder? I do it every two weeks and remove about a couple of gigs worth of KS backup scripting every time.

C:\Users\<your logon name>\AppData\Local\Temp

Use CTRL + A to collect everything and then SHIFT + DELETE to remove it all.

Edit: I thought I should note that there is usually a folder under the temp that contains all the KS stuff. On my machine, it is usually a number and under this, you will see folders starting with “scoped…”. Delete ALL of it.


Sorry, but I don’t think this is related. I haven’t used my laptop at all since the last 2 weeks, then started using it again the difference is huge just for the execution of the Katalon test case. Other is working fine. Thanks for the reply Btw